Serve Up Spring

We’re still shaking off the icicles from an exceptionally chilly winter in Atlanta, but that doesn’t change the fact that spring is here! As soon as the weather warms, we’ll all be gathering to partake in al fresco dining. You, too, should be inspired to take back the outdoors, and gift the people you love with a deliciously prepared (and presented) meal!



If you’re wondering what to serve at your first al fresco meal of the season, our favorites are European-­style antipasto such as herbed goat cheese, cold pasta salad with fresh vegetables, crunchy fresh bread, and of course, some fabulous Italian wine!


Bring a little sophistication to your spring time soiree by arranging a platter that’s as appetizing for the eye, as it is to the taste. Our beautiful Trivets, Spanish Olive Trays, and cutting boards make the perfect canvas for an unforgettable al fresco meal. We love the idea of slicing warm bread on our European Cutting Board. Or better yet, a tasty charcuterie plate with a hunk of fresh parmesan on one of our signature Trivets.


Since all of our cutting boards and trivets are handcrafted from reclaimed European timber, they need your love to stay looking as beautiful as the day they arrived at your door. Keep these two quick tips for easy cutting board and serving board care in mind, and your exquisite Europe2You pieces will last a lifetime.

1. Regularly nourish your cutting board with mineral oil to preserve its luster and maintain food safety. We recommend our very own Cutting Board Conditioner. Apply generously to your wood cutting board. For serving pieces like our trivets, gently rub the Trivet Treatment into your item to restore the natural shine and re-­nourish the wood. Both the Conditioner and Treatment are food safe and FDA approved.

2. Nourish often. Take care of a beautiful piece of history in your home, and do it regularly!


Each time you gather around the table with friends and family, we want it to be special. This spring, serve your delicious creations on one of our time-honored European boards for a spread that looks gorgeous (and tastes even better).

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