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Here at Europe2You, we like to think it’s the little things that bring the greatest happiness in life. Given my inclination to delicious food, I would venture to say that fresh pickings from the garden are one of those little things that make me seriously happy. And as I think about planting my own garden this season, I’ve decided that having garden-fresh herbs readily available to use while cooking would be a great addition to my summertime recipes. But, we all know that yielding a bountiful harvest starts with having the proper gardening tools and equipment. From Galvanized Watering Cans to wood Potting Tables, here are my top picks from the Europe2You Garden Collection-

If you’re like me, and are considering a summer herb garden, don’t forget to think about using new planting containers. (A well-planted herb garden can also double as a fabulous centerpiece for an outdoor dinner or garden party!) Use one of our antique Dough Bowls or Living Herb Walls as unexpected and yet incredibly functional planters.

Whether you’re using freshly picked basil in your Caprese salad or garnishing your favorite summer drink with a sprig of rosemary, I hope you take the time to enjoy the little things in life this summer.


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