Shopping the French Fairs

European antiques and found accents have been the heart and soul of our company for over 10 years now. Europe2You owner, Stacy started shopping the French fairs while she lived abroad and has been going back for buying trips ever since. Stacy will be the first to tell you that discovering a centuries-old pasta-making table hidden under an overwhelming pile of vintage linens or finding a dozen hat forms from a French millinery tucked away in a cardboard box, make the search worthwhile.

Last month, Stacy and our International Sales Manager, Jessica packed up and headed to the south of France for a buying trip. While Bezier, Montpelier and Avignon are known as hotspots for antiques, time was also spent in the small surrounding villages visiting their favorite collectors and brocantes.


Stacy searches for antique items that will enhance the look and feel of our current product line- especially pieces once used in the kitchen. So much of our collection revolves around the idea of creating a European kitchen that by incorporating stone jam pots or porcelain berry strainers, an aura of authenticity is created.

See more of these fantastic finds this summer at our trade shows in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas or New York!

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