Summer Recap

With Labor Day upon us, we are looking forward to soaking up the last bits of summer while we still can. It’s been a hectic few months for us (hence the lack of blog posts) here at E2Y Headquarters as they have been full of tireless work and lots of excitement. At the Atlanta show back in July, we debuted our new line, Dialma Brown and received a fantastic response to the Italian-made collection. We also received AmericasMart’s Visual Display Award for our floor. After that, we hit Vegas then New York, where owners Stacy and Joe made a pit-stop before heading to Europe to visit our factories and shop the French fairs. We have enjoyed seeing so many of you at the shows- it’s always great to connect on a more personal level with our retailers. 

Savor this holiday weekend with your family and friends (and don’t forget to use your E2Y pieces as you gather around the table)!

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