Recept Bistro

There’s one thing we know for sure- Europe has no shortage of delightful (and delicious) cafes, bistros and coffee shops.  The E2Y team is always amazed to find dozens of little cafes to pop into when we’re traveling abroad. And, as every frequent flyer knows, a perfectly frothed cappuccino and a crusty baguette have serious healing powers when suffering from jetlag. With our European offices being headquartered in Budapest, we are especially aware of any new cafes popping up around the office. Recept Bistro is our new favorite spot and it also happens to be owned by some dear friends of ours, Tomi and Viki. The café is located in Budapest’s local fresh market at Lehel Ter and everyday they serve up fabulous coffee along with homemade soups and sandwiches for lunch. All their food made in house with fresh, local ingredients. If you’re visiting Budapest or traveling through, stop by for a coffee or warm up your winter travel with the best tasting soup on the Danube- we promise you won’t regret it!

As a side note- Recept Bistro uses our Bistro Tabletop Chalkboard for their café tables outside the restaurant. These are perfect for listing daily menus at a restaurant or in your home for fun, festive messages when you entertain.

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