Dough Bowl Redux

Since the early days of Europe2You, our antique dough bowls have been a best-selling item.  They have a classic French air about them that we're fairly certain will never be passé. Their imperfect nature and versatility have made them ideal vessel for decorative arrangements and floral centerpieces- regardless of what style décor you have. But we recently came across a photo of a small dough bowl being used as a serving bowl for tortilla chips and were immediately inspired. Use a dough bowl for something other than flowers and trinkets?! How fabulous! we thought. So with that inspiration in-tow, we began conjuring up alternative uses for these antique bowls that would help give them a fresh look. Below are a few snapshots of our discoveries, we hope they spark your imagination like they have ours. How do you use your dough bowls? We’d love to see – share with us on Instagram & Facebook: @europe2you

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