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Europe2You brings European style to market 

Cindy W. Hodnett -- Furniture Today, January 25, 2016

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AT THE MARKET — For buyers who don’t have the option of traveling to Europe for a shopping trip this year, Stacy Borocz has an answer.

Europe2You Mod Furniture

Borocz, president of Europe2You, has brought European style, and a sustainability story, to Las Vegas for winter market. Along with a new line of chairs modeled after some familiar design icons, Borocz is also offering the capability to produce them in one of the factories where they originated, a product introduction with a built-in story for retailers and designers.

“We are producing new chairs in one of the three remaining Thonet factories left in Europe, so the quality is top notch,” Borocz said. “These include classic beechwood styles with steam bent frames, as well as some very cool new additions that we actually pulled from the archives.”

The archived chair collection complements Europe2You’s 2016 theme of Mad for Mod, Borocz explained. Along with the chair line, the company is showing block furniture, Mad for Mod lighting, and modern upholstery pieces with streamlined profiles and exposed legs.

“Our wood tables are made from 19th century wood beams culled from old buildings in and around Budapest,” Borocz said. “As a result, no trees are cut down and we are able to create a new piece with true historic presence. Hungary boasts a unique pool of old world European craftsmen, truly skilled and passionate about their work.”

Wholesale prices range from $79 for an accent table to $1,500 for a 120-inch dining table. Many of the product introductions reference antiques that Borocz discovered on her buying trips to out-of-the-way shops throughout Europe.

“The first pieces of furniture we brought over were a collection of trestle tables and a line of handmade pottery,” she said. “Both collections have been dormant from the E2Y line for a few years, but we have recently brought them back with a slightly different and modern twist and the reaction was quite astounding.”

The influence of furniture past combined with manufacturing capabilities of present has led to a solid plan for Europe2You’s future. Borocz said she is pleased with the company’s evolution since its founding in 2003.

“My husband was relocated to Hungary for work then, so I found myself an expat living in this amazing country which had literally been closed to most of the world due to 50 years of communism,” said Borocz. “As a former buyer for Federated, the merchant in me saw a treasure chest of found objects and antiques, as well as talented artisans and craftsmen eager to showcase their work.”

Europe2You is in space C-556.

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