Clean Lines and Minimalist Design

There’s nothing like the classic look of black and white. It’s contemporary, clean and minimalistic. A staple at Europe2You, we’ve always embraced the beauty of white accents in the kitchen and home. A welcome addition, we have introduced the color black in many ways throughout our fresh line of products. We love seeing all of your reactions to the new designs and can’t wait for more to come! 

Europe 2 You Black Colorblock Mason Jar

A Europe2You signature, our Colorblock Mason Jar in black is quite impressive. We love the way the high gloss strip of black paint contrasts with bright flowers. The black glass jar can easily add a contemporary feel to any space. 

Europe 2 You Black Demijohn

Just when you thought you could not get enough of our demijohn bottles, we went ahead and added a sleek covering of black and white paint. The bottles can be grouped together or shown in a display mixing both white and black designs. 


Our Colorblock Flower Vase in white could not be any sweeter. The simple design hides the bottom of your flower stems while doubling as a beautiful and clean accent. We think this may be one of our new favorite products.

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