Coming Soon to AmericasMart July 2017

It is no secret that we take pride in our antique finds from all across Europe. There is no greater feeling for us, than the thrill of the hunt of precious antique items to inspire and excite our customers. For many years, we have been sourcing the most interesting vintage items and bringing them to you at AmericasMart. 


A Europe2You find, these antique chairs are creatively staged by Pineapple Park

Our favorite part of sharing these exclusive finds is being able to see how our customers, pass these pieces on to their customers, and so on. Each piece is given new life when incorporated into a unique space. By sprinkling authentic antiques into your merchandise mix, you are contributing to the decades of stories that have passed from one owner to the next.

 We recently had the pleasure of discussing how we merchandise through mixing both vintage and new pieces with AmericasMart Atlanta. We wouldn’t want any buyers to miss out if they are not yet incorporating antique items into their stores. 


 We are incredibly excited to announce that we will be increasing the opportunity for you to discover authentic antiques at AmericasMart this July through our first-ever Antiques booth. You can find us at D10 in the Antiques Temporaries, see you then!

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