Holiday Ready Gifts That Practically Sell Themselves

Selecting gifts should not have to be a difficult task! Let us take care of you this holiday season by showing you our recommendations for kitchen and entertaining accessories that will practically sell themselves. So sit back, relax and let these gift options do all the selling for you.

The familiar duo of our hardwood Cheese Planks are the perfect kitchen accessory and stays true to the idea that two is certainly better than one. With one board slightly longer than its partner, the cutting board team is a great gift option for the customer who wants double the bang for their buck. 

Ways to gift it: Add in a nice set of cheese knives so the boards are ready to use soon after gifting.

The Small Porto Vecchio Candle seems to be a different species of home fragrance when it comes to its powerful aroma. The fresh blend of fig and sea salt in the sleek white jar is fragrant yet not overpowering. The candle is not only inspired by our favorite European cities, it also is hand-poured in Grasse, France - the perfume capital of the world.

Ways to gift it: The small candle doesn’t need much. Incorporate a pretty box of matches to complete the timeless coffee table set.

If the natural reclaimed wood that composes our Medium Square Trivet doesn’t stick out to you, maybe it’s versatility will. The wood riser also doubles as a hotplate so dishes can come straight out of the oven and rest on its surface to prepare for serving.

Ways to gift it: The opportunities are endless – a cookbook filled with delicious recipes, a Europe2You Baker, anything cooking or kitchen related is a winner here!

Unique in shape and size, our Clear Sphere Vases make for the perfect gift. Display the bud vases with flowers, candy or empty – either way we are certain they will attract attention. Each vase was designed to sit on a flat surface with a slight tilt to give it a standout appearance.

Ways to gift it: Add in a bag of yummy candy, fresh blooms to fill the fun vases, or a Europe2You gift tag to personalize - and the gift is complete.

An entertaining staple, the Small Farmtable Plank comes with just about as much functionality as it does beauty. The small wood board can be used in a multitude of ways, including an impromptu cheese board or decorative board to display seasonal items.

Ways to gift it: This small board can be gifted with an elegant pair of stemless wine glasses or an assortment of gourmet jams and jellies for serving at the recipient’s next dinner party.

With relaxation in mind, our Cigar Ash Tray boasts the beauty of our signature reclaimed wood with a price point that will suit any budget.

Ways to gift it: A given – the ash tray is not complete without adding in a couple of rich cigars to enjoy as soon as it is unwrapped.

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