How It’s Made: Trivets

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In the second addition of our How It’s Made Blog Series, we are dishing out the handcrafted process of one of our signature items. All of our trivets are handcrafted from reclaimed wood, sourced from foundations of aged buildings. The beams are being repurposed into kitchen accents you can enjoy for years to come.

The trivets are created by fusing numerous planks together to form the classic geometric shapes that make up the entire collection. Due to the reclaimed nature of the wood, no trivet is totally alike – each one completely unique in markings. During production, each individual step of the process is performed by several different people within our factory. As each step is handled by a separate person, it ensures that the end result is a true work of craftsmanship and care. 


Once the feet have been added, the final step is to finish the trivets with a protective plant based hardwax. The wax is composed of carnauba and beeswax, a mixture that is food-safe and built to endure the everyday wear and tear of life. The wax not only protects the trivets from natural weathering, but also showcases the raw beauty of the wood by bringing out the natural grain. 


This special wooden riser has been with us since the very beginning. It can be used with both hot or cold dishes and is the accessory your countertop has been longing for. Not only do they flaunt the beauty of reclaimed wood, they are also an entirely functional piece for the kitchen or dining table.

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  • Julie Parsons - The Back Porch Madison GA

    We have been so impressed with the Europe 2 You line, and these trivets are part of the reason why. They are absolutely beautiful and make a true statement in the kitchen.

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