How The Natural and Black Color Combo Created Something BIG

If you know us, you know we’re big fans of the monochromatic look. Although we don’t ever see ourselves leaving the all-white design trend behind, we’ve recently caught feelings for another bold color. For us, the look of all-white is almost as timeless as an all-black design. Just like the little black dress is a closet essential, a black serving piece is a necessity in every kitchen. There’s nothing like a bold contrast of color with a subtle organic touch to balance it out. In fact, this concept is just one of the simple ideas that created the inspiration behind our Barcelona Collection – contrasting elements of natural wood and black metal. There is plenty that goes into a design of our signature products and we wanted to take a moment to touch on all the thoughts and inspiration that came together to create our Barcelona Collection. 


Each piece of serveware in this collection can be identified by its color combination of Natural Wood and Black Metal. We discovered a need for items in the kitchen that contrasted with a light color scheme but still fit with a modern farmhouse look. The black metal band mixed with the light and airy natural wood does just that. Each piece of serveware in the Barcelona collection has this unique color combination of natural wood and black metal. The modern industrial collection with an organic touch is the perfect element to add warmth to any space. 


To further compliment the look of the two colors, we chose a collection of Glass Cloches and Domes that boast a round black handle. The minimalist nature of the handle pairs well with the simplistic appeal of the natural and black combo. Incorporating black accessories into your space is a great way to bring a modern element into an otherwise traditional space. 


Last but certainly not least, Barcelona, Spain is an amazing hub of Europe, known for unique architecture that most commonly blends the old with the new. Also seen in our collection, the combination of two contrasting elements – the natural wood with the industrial metal, making it the perfect fit.

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