Introducing Europe2You's Glass Dome Collection

The no nonsense combination of glass and metal make up our new Glass Dome Collection. This collection uniquely juxtaposes our infamous recycled glass against the hand forged metal making a statement worthy kitchen accessory. We love the way our signature cloches and wood serving boards come together offering up a warm and inviting feeling for your kitchen yet leaving a space that is truly refreshed and refined.

For a sleek and clean look, the Bianca Glass Dome is the perfect selection. This dome is created from using the bottom of a demijohn bottle after it is hand cut to create our hanging pendants and large cloches. The sloping sides of the dome are impressive and the quality of the glass is second to none. In addition to the round iron handle, the copper rim lining the bottom of the dome makes for a simple, yet noteworthy detail.

The Brasserie Glass Dome is petite in size but bold in style. This dome is handcrafted from the bottom of our large demijohn bottle and is a welcome addition to any cheese board or charcuterie spread. The glass dome is unique to the collection with an iron bar for easy handling and is a favorite among our staff. Its unique size is also ideal for open kitchen shelf styling.

We know that the geometric trend is here to stay. So, it only made sense for us to create our own take on the now classic concept with our Bordeaux Glass Dome. We used our unique glass dome shape and gave it a square handle for a modern sleek look.  We especially love it paired with the Brasserie Glass Dome above.

For a bright and airy kitchen, add in a pop of contrasting black. An easy way to do this is by incorporating the Barcelona Glass Dome into your decor. A sister to the Bianca Glass Dome, the dome boasts the same round handle but in classic black.

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