Our Candle Wanderlust

Our candle collection is one of our favorite things to share with all of our customers at market. Each inspired by European cities and the ingredients that each city holds dear, the fragrant luxury candles are an amazing gift item, décor piece and store favorite. This week, we are very excited to announce that three new candles have been added to our culinary inspired collection. 

Map of Vienna

First on the map, is Vienna, Austria. It was not hard to draw inspiration from this Viennese café culture and their dedication to coffee. In Vienna, an espresso is made in just 25 seconds. The familiar aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sweet scent of baked biscuits make up the bouquet of the Vienna candle

Mont Blanc

Next up, the icy peaks of the Mont Blanc mastiff give way to our new large unscented candle. The Mont Blanc candle sits in our signature glass bowl with a copper rim and is a great fit for restaurants and stores that want a beautiful candle without having clashing aromas.

collection comes from Corsica

The third fragrance we are adding to the collection comes from Corsica, France. The city of Porto-Vecchio is a natural sea port, and due to its sunny and dry climate has an abundance of fig trees. We found that the combination of ripened figs with a pinch of sea salt make for an incredible pairing. The light and fresh candle is a breath of fresh air and we believe it will be a crowd favorite.

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  • Jeanne Horton

    Curious about the cost, scents sound great. Are they sold with the wooden paddle holder? thanks for taking the time to send me the info.

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