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It is often assumed that with a company name like Europe2You, it is universally understood that our products derive from Europe. However, did you know that in addition to our collection of products that are handcrafted in Europe, we also source amazing vintage and antique items from there, as well? It’s true, our team curates a collection of found antique objects all from various countries in Europe. Hence the name, Europe2You.

Europe2you Found

However, the European involvement does not stop there. Like we have said prior, all of our products are handcrafted in Europe by time honored techniques that truly bring out the exquisite beauty of the reclaimed and recycled materials we use. In addition, we find most of the inspiration for our products from European design. Our love for the classic and traditional enables us to turn a new leaf on age-old classics. We have learned to appreciate the items that can often be looked over, ones that often times have been around even longer than we have. Antique pieces truly make a space stand out among the conventional and the mixture of old and new is becoming the way of means to bring charm and character into a design.


Over the years, many of you have asked how we go about collecting our antique pieces or inquired about the relationships we’ve built during our thrill for the hunt. There’s no quick answer to that question but for starters, E2Y owners Joe and Stacy Borocz spend a good deal of their time in Europe. While they are there, they focus on purchasing antiques, gathering inspiration for new collections and working in our Hungarian factory to perfect and inspect our products. With all of that to accomplish on each monthly trip, Joe and Stacy are accustomed to a high-pace, always-be-ready-for-whatever-comes-next travel schedule.

Europe2you Found

It truly is mind blowing what they are able to accomplish while out of the country. With a moment to catch up and hear about their latest trip, Stacy was able to answer some questions about her travels, her favorite spots and the best thing about coming home.  Here's the scoop:

What is the one thing you never travel without?

My little bag of chargers and adapters, it’s just silly not to be prepared.

Your favorite European city to visit is?

Budapest… always Budapest. The history, the architecture and the people continue to impress. The city is constantly evolving and it’s where our European offices are based.

What’s inspiring you right now?

The color green and embracing the great outdoors. For home decor this translates to bringing the outside in. I recently rewatched the  Kate Winslet movie, Les Jardins Du Roi which provides a glimpse of the glory of Louis XIV’s gardens at Versailles. It was just as inspiring the second time.  It also made me realize all the new products we are currently working on that incorporate flowers, plants, and herbs, into the home. I bought every planter at the fairs that I could find!

When you shop the antique fairs in Europe, what does your day and schedule consist of?

 Whew! Well I’m always up early on those days- you have to be. As soon as I’m up, I’m on the road because the gates to the fairs open at 8:00am. And one should not be late or you may miss the best things! Once the gates open, it’s a total whirlwind of activity. My eyes are peeled and my feet poised so I can get the best items at the best price for our customers. Around noon I usually get a minute to catch my breath and discover that I’ve already filled up most of my container. At that point, many vendors are already packing up so I make my final purchases and call it a day. 

Do you have a favorite purchase from your trip last month?

 A rare pair of Willy Guhl square planters from the 60’s. 

What restaurants or shops do you like to frequent on your travels?

 I have several favorites depending on the city.  In London it’s Liberty’s and Fortnum & Mason, in Paris it’s the Rue des Barres in the Marai, Nose, for inspiring scents and Maison Sarah Lavoine. 

The best thing about coming home is?

 A few solitary moments with my Nespresso machine and the NY Times.

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