Our Father’s Day Favorites

With Father’s Day just around the corner, the team at Europe2You hand-selected products that will be a hit. A little foodie, a little wine-centric, we have all the goodies covered for quick and easy Father’s Day sales.

cigar ash tray

Cigar Ash Tray

With relaxation in mind, our Cigar Ash Tray boasts the beauty of our signature reclaimed wood with a price point that will suit any budget.

cigar mold

Cigar Mold

We still marvel in the beauty of this authentic find. Note this item has two pieces of wood which come together to form a signature cigar shape complete with unique markings.

ipad holder

Large Heritage Tablet Holder

Ideal for the kitchen or office, our tablet holder is a functional solution for the tech savvy Dad.

Bordeaux Bistro Tray

Our reclaimed wood and galvanized metal tray is not only functional for bar use but also a wonderful catch-all piece in any man cave. The size and stature of this piece makes for an impressive gift at a reasonable price point.

galvi wine coaster

Galvi Wine Coaster

For a quick and easy gift option, our galvanized coaster is ideal to pair with a bottle of wine.  Add a stick of chalk to let guests know what their food will be paired with.



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