Our Signature Cutting Boards Reinvented

We have always believed that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and what better way to live in your kitchen than with a cutting board that can do it all? We pride ourselves in creating reclaimed wood cutting boards that are just as beautiful as they are functional. Continuing with this promise, we’re happy to say we have introduced three new cutting boards to our collection! Each with a new design, we want to reveal our inspiration behind each piece. 


First up, the Large Farmhouse Cutting Board is an amazing and sturdy piece is true to our roots. The beauty of this board is shown through its substantial size. Much like the classic Farmhouse Cutting Board, the larger version features an iron handle and will serve as a great kitchen counter statement piece. While the board is large enough to serve as a great spot for all your chopping needs, it also can be propped up against a backsplash for a pretty decorative accent. 


An entirely new collection, the Boho Bread Board features a fun and playful design that was inspired by a more globally infused style. The board is double sided, one side is ideal for use as a cutting board, while the other makes for an amazing serving board. The criss-cross design is truly a work of art and the beech wood gives the board a lighter and more contemporary look. 


Similar to the Boho Bread Board, this next board comes from the same collection and features a modern design. The Boho Chopping Board is a beautiful light colored beech wood and is the perfect board for a design with a more organic look. The thick board is contemporary and classic all wrapped in one with a simple design that anyone can appreciate. We designed it with functionality in mind, with a large round handle, allowing it to be easily moved from one table to the next.

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  • LOis

    Looking for you black round cutting boards. Can you tell me who sells them inIowa or around Chicago

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