Refresh Your Spring Décor In 4 Easy Steps

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to do away with all of the drab, winter accents and brighten up the home for warmer weather. There’s 4 simple ways to improve a space for spring and we can bet that we aren’t the only ones ready to redecorate and rearrange with the change of the seasons. We’re sharing below so you can prepare for all of the redecorating the arrival of Spring may entail and bring to your business! 


Lighten Up

We crave light and bright rooms year-round but this season it especially seems to be the most desired design characteristic. You can enhance any room, even without natural light by mixing textures and swapping out dark colors with lighter and more playful ones. Don’t be afraid to play with bold colors, as long as they revive a space, they are fulfilling their purpose. 


Go for Green

Plants, Flowers and Gardening – oh my! There are so many beautiful options of greenery to incorporate into your space for spring. Of course, the easiest and most adaptable is a mix of brightly colored flowers. Daffodils, Tulips and Lilacs are just a few examples of flowers that practically scream ‘spring’ to us. 


Hang It Up

A great way to change up a space is by mixing up the artwork. If you already have an ample amount of wall art in your space, then you can easily swap it for a refreshing look. We love our Stockholm Butterflies for this purpose. They easily add a bright and airy look, serving as a contemporary accent in any room. Not to mention, the playful print is a dream, fit for spring. 



With colder weather during the winter months, it’s almost impossible to leave your home. Naturally, staying at home more makes for a bigger mess! Decorating for spring is all about brightening up the space, so clearing out any clutter will help in achieving a ready for spring look. We recommend starting room by room, easily check off one and then start on the next. If decluttering sounds like your worst nightmare, opt for a closet, small office space or countertop. Clearing out anything as little as a drawer can make all the difference in this scenario.

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