See Why We’re Bugging Out

It’s not just us, we promise. Everyone from Valentino, Alexander McQueen to Gucci, are all bugging out over insects. We knew we were on to something in January of 2016 when we revealed our colorful collection of butterflies and beetles and we can’t help but be persistent with the bug phenomenon. The best part? You don’t have to be an entomologist to recognize how amazing these neutral butterfly prints will look in your space. 

Europe2You Black Stockholm Butterfly

The appeal of these magnificent creature’s colorful wings is admirable in itself and we enhanced it through our Stockholm collection of wall art. We took the butterfly to new heights by enlarging authentic entomology prints and framing them in a high gloss white frame to amplify their simplistic beauty. 

Europe2You Stockholm Butterfly

Incorporating insect motifs and décor into the home is an easy way to add another layer of character and playfulness without distracting from a sleek and modern design. 

Europe2You Stockholm Butterfly White

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