Why The Bar Is Back

We have recently found ourselves enthralled with the bar cart trend and everything that comes with it. The bar area in your home can easily be a conversation starter and the more functional and decorated, the better. At Europe2You, we have all of the essentials to complete your cocktail space. So whether you’re in need of some ways to jazz up a bar or if you’re in need of gift items – we’ve got the products for you. 

Platinum Glass Europe2You

Once the bar is stocked, the next thing you must indulge in is a nice set of drinking glasses. While typical everyday glasses are most likely hiding in a cupboard, a bar needs to have beautiful one’s worth displaying. Look no further, our Platinum Whiskey Glass Set is a must-have for any bar area. The handcrafted glasses feature a delicate ring of platinum, almost appearing woven throughout the glass. 

Why The Bar Is Back Europe2You

A bar is not complete without an ice bucket. Whether you need it to keep your drinks from getting warm, or icing a bottle of champagne, they are a bar essential. Our Found Metal Champagne Ice Bucket is a stylish way to incorporate one, while also adding charm to a space. The vessels are each authentic and unique, all sourced from France. 


One of the simpler ways to draw company in to your bar area is to make it more inviting. An easy way to add dimension to the space is by placing a bowl filled to the brim with fresh fruit near the area. It’s almost too easy! The fruit can add color and it gives the bar an organic, lived in feel, that will look effortless. Not big on adding fruit? The bowl also exerts effortless beauty when left empty as a pretty decoration. 

Why The Bar Is Back_ Europe2You

We released our Emerald Vitrine Cabinet and Emerald Mirrored Bar Vitrine in Atlanta and we love the way the rich green adds color to a space. The cabinet allows you to ditch the cart and provides a new way to incorporate a bar area into the home.

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