Why You’re Missing Out If You Don’t Have Pizza Boards

Charcuterie boards are everywhere! We know that the beloved cheese board is not fading away any time soon. And how could it, when there are so many great options out there? With plenty of different versions of the great wood boards available, we couldn’t help but brag on our beloved pizza boards

Europe2You Pizza Boards

Our signature boards come with the same sustainable promise our company is founded upon. Europe2You is 100% sustainable - everything from the way our products are made to the materials we use. We believe in our products because they are such great quality and it’s a guaranteed feel good purchase every time. While other companies make their boards from bamboo that’s often glued together with harmful chemicals, ours are composed of natural, reclaimed wood, sourced from Europe. Each piece is hand-finished by local artisans giving it the perfect authentic touch. 

Pizza Board

Secondly, we offer our notable pizza boards in several different versions. The first, is our original Pine. The pine bread boards come in a range of shapes and sizes but because they are not composed of hardwood, these are the best boards to use if you are looking for ones that are solely for design purposes like leaning against a backsplash or hanging on a decorative wall in a kitchen. 

Europe2You Pizza Board Beech Round

There are also two additional wood versions including an Oak and Beech variety. When it comes to dual functions, these boards are top of the line. Both boards are hardwood, so they are ideal for cutting and chopping as well as serving up a lovely appetizer platter. If you don’t be careful, they may even kick your old cutting boards to the curb. They are that incredibly handy and are meant to live on your kitchen counters and islands! The Beech is a light, almost sun-kissed wood and is absolutely stunning for those who are craving a more bohemian and contemporary look. On the other hand, the Oak is a rich wood, almost rustic in appearance. The boards both have two different sides, for the Oak, one features a more rigid planked side for serving, while the side with slats is smooth for cutting. 

Oak rectangle Pizza Board Europe2You

No matter which pizza board you prefer, each piece can eloquently lean against a wall or be propped up on a shelf when not in use and add an element of natural beauty to a kitchen or store. Not to mention, our boards are easy maintenance. All it takes to clean it is to rinse it off with soap and water after use and occasionally nourish it with mineral oil to bring out it’s organic allure. 

Europe2You Pizza Board and Charcuterie Board

After experimenting with numerous boards, it was evident to us that there was a serious need for pieces that excelled in beauty and functionality which led to all of our pizza board creations. We hope that you try out one for yourself and see the difference in a Europe2You serving board.

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